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Picnicking Made Simple, Fun, and Healthy

Summer is a wonderful time for a picnic at the beach, at a park, or when traveling on the road. It can be tempting to grab some pre-made items at the store or even load up on junk food. This convenience can be bad for your waistline and your health. Here are some ideas to make your picnic lunch tasty and healthy. 

Improve your sandwiches
Sandwiches are a great picnic staple. They are inexpensive and easy to prepare ahead of time. Choose whole wheat bread or flatbreads. Skip the roast beef and salami and instead select lean turkey. Pass on the mayo while still adding flavor by going with flavored mustards. Use low-fat cheese and be sure to load up on healthy veggies like lettuce and tomatoes. To keep your sandwiches from getting soggy, pack the veggies separately and add when serving. 

Bring some fruit
Not all fruits are good travelers, but others are made to take on the go. Oranges and apples are perfect for picnics, and nothing beats a juicy watermelon on a picnic. You can also bring dried fruit. Fruit pies are healthy options if they are homemade with minimal sugar, letting the natural sweetness of the fruit shine through. 

Watch those salty snacks
Potato chips are not a healthy option, but you can feel better by bringing baked chips instead. Pita chips or baked tortilla chips are also lower in fat and calories. Salted nuts, beef jerky, and low-fat popcorn are other healthy choices to consider. 

Pack healthier salads
Potato salad, macaroni salad, or coleslaw is easy to pick up at the deli counter, but they are loaded with fat and calories. Instead make these salads at home using low-fat mayo or use a low-fat vinaigrette in place of the mayo-based dressing. 

Drink wisely
Sweet beverages have lots of calories that can sneak up on you at a picnic. When you are eating and playing outdoors, you drink more to cool off and stay hydrated. Instead of soda, lemonade, or sweet ice tea, bring low-calorie tea or flavored water.

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