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Poinsettia Care Tips

With proper care, your poinsettia plant can last long past the holiday season. Begin by choosing a plant with small, tightly clustered buds in the center. The foliage should be crisp, bright, and undamaged. When bringing your poinsettia home, plan on going straight home, in order to prevent the plant from remaining in your car for a long period of time. To transport your poinsettia from the store to your car, wrap it carefully to protect from any wind, and unwrap it as soon as you arrive home.

Poinsettia plants should be watered when the surface soil is dry to the touch. Water until water flows from the drain holes. Any excess water in the drainage saucer should be discarded. To maintain color in the leaves, your poinsettia should be kept close to 60 degrees at night and 70 degrees during the day. These plants also enjoy an environment of high humidity and daily bright, indirect light exposure. If your home is very dry, mist your poinsettia daily. Also remember to keep your plant out of drafts, especially cold winds coming from outdoors or hot air from heater vents.

Your poinsettia can be encouraged to rebloom next year by following some simple steps. Once the flowers have faded, cut the stems back to about eight inches above the soil line. Continue to water regularly and lightly fertilize once a month. As outdoor temperatures begin to rise, your plant can be placed outdoors. Gradually move your poinsettia from indirect to direct sunlight over several days. In the middle of the summer, you will need to cut back any new growth stems and repot your plant if it has grown substantially. During September, move your plant back indoors, but still provide for six or more hours of direct sunlight each day. Beginning in October, place your plant into complete darkness for fourteen hours each day, allowing it ten hours of natural light each day. This process, which takes about ten weeks to complete, will allow your plant to reflower and turn red again.

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